RVCA BJ Penn Hana Hou UFC 118 Walkout T-Shirt

RVCA BJ Penn UFC 118 Shirt

RVCA BJ Penn UFC 118 Shirt

Hana Hou is a Hawaiian saying meaning “Encore!” or “Do it again!” which fits in with BJ Penn’s immediate rematch with Frankie Edgar at UFC 118

Prints on the front, back, and sleeves
Available in S, M, L, XL, and XXL


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THQ Releases UFC Undisputed 2009 Demo!


Since Thursday, XBox 360 and PS3 gamers have been rushing home to jump on their systems.   Why?  The long awaited demo for UFC Undisputed 2009 from THQ was finally released to the public.  The demo lets players learn their way around the virtual Octagon in the Tutorial mode, or if you were like us, you jumped right into Exhibition.   The final game (releasing May 19th) will feature 80 fighters on the roster, but for the purposes of the demo you can either fight as Chuck “The Iceman” Liddell or Mauricio “Shogun” Rua.

So what did our staff think of the game?  We absolutely loved it.  The graphics and presentation are so detailed and so authentic that we experienced that same feeling of anxiousness and excitement during the introductions as we would during a real fight.  Then, next thing you know, Mario Yamasaki (yes, even real refs and ring girls are in the game!) gave the signal and it was go time!  Our first few fights were a lot of back and forth wars as it’s a blast just beating the crap out of each other, but there is so much depth that you pick up the more you play and learn.  True to life, it was best to utilize Shogun’s kicks, thai clinch, and take Chuck to the ground.  On the flip side, Chuck has a great sprawl and you don’t want to be exposed to too many of his superman punches, spinning backfists, or deadly overhand rights – or you might be down and out.

Controls and transitions were easy to learn, but we will definitely be harder to master, especially on the ground.  It’s easy to trade back and forth or button mash, but fighting with a gameplan and using counters effectively makes a big difference.

Most of all, if we could sum up this game in two words, they would be “IT’S FUN!”.  We got together with a bunch of friends over the weekend in a “winner stays in” and had a blast (highest streak ended up being tied at 6 wins).  There was a lot of yelling, trash talk, and overall excitement, everyone was into it!  If the demo, which only utilizes two fighters, is that much fun to play, we can only imagine what the final version will be like.  We can’t wait!

UFC 97: Redemption Sponsorship Breakdown

UFC 97: Redemption from the Belle Centre in Montreal was a highly entertaining night of fights – and that’s just what we saw on TV!  As usual, we at MMAWarehouse.com are here to breakdown the shirts, shorts, and hats seen on the night’s combatants.

Fights listed in order of telecast.

Luiz Cane
Shirt: Tokyo Five Logo Shirt
Shorts:  Warrior International Domination Fight Shorts Purple/Black
Hat:  Tokyo Five Logo Hat

Steve Cantwell
Shirt:  Bad Boy Custom T-Shirt
Shorts:  Bad Boy World Class Pro Fight Shorts
Hat: Bad Boy Team Eyes FlexFit Hat

Antoni Hardonk
Shirt:  TapouT Machine T-Shirt
Shorts:  TapouT White Long Shorts
Hat:  TapouT Full Caged White Hat

Cheick Kongo
Shirt:  Xzavier Cheick Kongo T-shirt
Shorts:  Warrior International Domination Fight Shorts Red/Black
Hat: Gamma-O Hat

Brian Stann
Shirt:   Hostility Cursed T-Shirt
Shorts:  Warrior International Domination Fight Shorts Black/Black
Hat:  BSN Logo Beanie

Krzysztof Soszynski
Shirt:  Skin Industries Theft T-Shirt
Shorts:  Clinch Gear White with Red Shorts
Hat: Skin Industries Mason Hat

Mauricio Rua
Shirt:   Bad Boy Shogun 97 Walkout T-Shirt
Shorts:  Bad Boy Limited Edition Shogun Vale Tudo Shorts
Hat:  None

Chuck Liddell
Shirt:  TapouT Black Label Chuck Liddell Signature Series T-Shirt
Shorts:  TapouT Chuck Liddell Signature Shorts
Hat: None


Matt Wiman
Shirt:  Dethrone Crow T-Shirt
Shorts:  SPRAWL GripFlex XT Fight Shorts – Competition Black
Hat:  None

Sam Stout
Shirt:  Fight Mafia Red T-Shirt
Shorts:  Warrior International Domination Fight Shorts Black/White
Hat: Gamma-O Logo Hat


Thales Leites
Shirt: Kimurawear UFC 97 Walkout T-Shirt
Shorts:   Kimurawear White and Blue Fight Shorts
Hat: Unknown

Anderson Silva
Shirt: Silver Star Anderson “Spider” Silva UFC 97 Walkout Tee
Shorts:  Custom Black and Yellow Vale Tudo Shorts
Hat: Unknown

UFC 97 Brings Many New Shirts To MMAWarehouse.com

With UFC 97 just a few days away there is no better time to stock up on the brand new fighter tees being released including 2 new Anderson Silva Tee’s, Bad Boy Shogun Walk-Out Tee and a brand new  Sinister Chuck Liddell Shirt!

Bad Boy Shogun Walk Out UFC 97 Tee (front)

Bad Boy Shogun Walk Out UFC 97 Tee (front)

Frank Shamrock is Fighting Saturday We Have His Shirt!

Frank Shamrock will be fighting this Saturday at Strikeforce in the main event again Nick Diaz. TapouT has decided to hook up with Frank to create his walk out shirt!

TapouT Black Signature Series Frank Shamrock Tee

TapouT Black Signature Series Frank Shamrock Tee

We Now Carry Bad Boy MMA!

You asked and we listened. MMAWarehouse.com is please to announce they have hooked up with Bad Boy MMA to offer some great new products!

Bad Boy has been involved in the sport since the early nineties and is one of the original supporters of mixed martial arts and Jiu Jitsu tournaments. Having sponsored some of the world’s top athletes, the Bad Boy “eyes” have been seen everywhere from shirts, to fight shorts – even tattoos. Already a household name in Brazil and Japan, the company is now ready to take the message to the masses across the globe. They are pushing the envelope, adopting the latest performance product innovations and applying them to Bad Boy MMA Gear and everyday apparel. Are you ready?