THQ Releases UFC Undisputed 2009 Demo!


Since Thursday, XBox 360 and PS3 gamers have been rushing home to jump on their systems.   Why?  The long awaited demo for UFC Undisputed 2009 from THQ was finally released to the public.  The demo lets players learn their way around the virtual Octagon in the Tutorial mode, or if you were like us, you jumped right into Exhibition.   The final game (releasing May 19th) will feature 80 fighters on the roster, but for the purposes of the demo you can either fight as Chuck “The Iceman” Liddell or Mauricio “Shogun” Rua.

So what did our staff think of the game?  We absolutely loved it.  The graphics and presentation are so detailed and so authentic that we experienced that same feeling of anxiousness and excitement during the introductions as we would during a real fight.  Then, next thing you know, Mario Yamasaki (yes, even real refs and ring girls are in the game!) gave the signal and it was go time!  Our first few fights were a lot of back and forth wars as it’s a blast just beating the crap out of each other, but there is so much depth that you pick up the more you play and learn.  True to life, it was best to utilize Shogun’s kicks, thai clinch, and take Chuck to the ground.  On the flip side, Chuck has a great sprawl and you don’t want to be exposed to too many of his superman punches, spinning backfists, or deadly overhand rights – or you might be down and out.

Controls and transitions were easy to learn, but we will definitely be harder to master, especially on the ground.  It’s easy to trade back and forth or button mash, but fighting with a gameplan and using counters effectively makes a big difference.

Most of all, if we could sum up this game in two words, they would be “IT’S FUN!”.  We got together with a bunch of friends over the weekend in a “winner stays in” and had a blast (highest streak ended up being tied at 6 wins).  There was a lot of yelling, trash talk, and overall excitement, everyone was into it!  If the demo, which only utilizes two fighters, is that much fun to play, we can only imagine what the final version will be like.  We can’t wait!


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