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THQ Releases UFC Undisputed 2009 Demo!


Since Thursday, XBox 360 and PS3 gamers have been rushing home to jump on their systems.   Why?  The long awaited demo for UFC Undisputed 2009 from THQ was finally released to the public.  The demo lets players learn their way around the virtual Octagon in the Tutorial mode, or if you were like us, you jumped right into Exhibition.   The final game (releasing May 19th) will feature 80 fighters on the roster, but for the purposes of the demo you can either fight as Chuck “The Iceman” Liddell or Mauricio “Shogun” Rua.

So what did our staff think of the game?  We absolutely loved it.  The graphics and presentation are so detailed and so authentic that we experienced that same feeling of anxiousness and excitement during the introductions as we would during a real fight.  Then, next thing you know, Mario Yamasaki (yes, even real refs and ring girls are in the game!) gave the signal and it was go time!  Our first few fights were a lot of back and forth wars as it’s a blast just beating the crap out of each other, but there is so much depth that you pick up the more you play and learn.  True to life, it was best to utilize Shogun’s kicks, thai clinch, and take Chuck to the ground.  On the flip side, Chuck has a great sprawl and you don’t want to be exposed to too many of his superman punches, spinning backfists, or deadly overhand rights – or you might be down and out.

Controls and transitions were easy to learn, but we will definitely be harder to master, especially on the ground.  It’s easy to trade back and forth or button mash, but fighting with a gameplan and using counters effectively makes a big difference.

Most of all, if we could sum up this game in two words, they would be “IT’S FUN!”.  We got together with a bunch of friends over the weekend in a “winner stays in” and had a blast (highest streak ended up being tied at 6 wins).  There was a lot of yelling, trash talk, and overall excitement, everyone was into it!  If the demo, which only utilizes two fighters, is that much fun to play, we can only imagine what the final version will be like.  We can’t wait!

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UFC 96: Jardine vs Jackson – What Were You Wearing?

Here is the list of what all the fighters wore (that were on TV) at UFC 96.

Mike Patt
Shorts: Hayabusa Kyoudo Fight Shorts (black)

Brandon Vera
Shirt: TapouT Down With The Q
Shorts: TapouT Custom Muay Thai Shorts

Tim Boetsch ( Sponsored)
Shirt: Fight Magaizne and Sponsored Tee
Shorts: Sprawl G-Flex Green/Tan

Jason Brilz
Shirt: Disorderly Conduct Fightwear Gunslinger Longsleeve
Shorts: Disorderly Conduct Fightwear 4-Way Flex (Black)

Jason Day ( Sponsored)
Shirt: Unknown
Shorts: Hitman Fight Gear All Star Fight Shorts (Red)

Kendall Grove
Shirt: Punishment Atheltis Spider Shirt
Shorts: Punishment Athletic Fight Shorts
Hat: Punishment Athletics Zoot Hat

Ryan Madigan
Shirt: Unknown
Shorts: Clinch Gear Sponsored Shorts

Tamdan McCrory
Shirt: Kill It Disorderly Conduct T-shirt (coming soon!)
Shorts: Sprawl G-Flex Black/White
Hat: Unknown

Jim Miller ( Sponsored)
Shirt: Kill It Disorderly Conduct T-shirt
Shorts: Hayabusa Kyouda Fight Shorts (White)

Gray Maynard
Shirt: Cage Fighter Walk Out Shirt (Coming Soon!)
Shorts: Everlast Omni-strike Shorts
Hat: Everlast Hat

Mark Munoz
Shirt: Warrior Intl. Forest Tee
Shorts: Warrior Intl. Domination Fight Shorts (Black)

Matt Hamill ( Sponsored)
Shirt: American Fighter Walk Out Sponsored Jersey
Shorts: American Fighter Shorts
Hat: Full Tilt Poker

Mike Brown
Shirt: TapouT Eagle Eye T-Shirt
Shorts: TapouT Black Delta Boardshorts

Pete Sell
Shirt: Unknown
Short: Sprawl G-Flex White/Black Fight Shorts

Gabriel Gonzaga
Shirt: Tokyo Five T-Shirt
Shorts: Warrior Intl. Domination Fight Shorts (Black)

Shane Carwin
Shirt: Warrior Intl. Treedom Shirt
Shorts: Warrior Intl. Domination Fight Shorts (Red/White)
Hat: Warrior Intl. Empire Hat

Keith Jardine
Shirt: TapouT Keith Jardine Signature Series Tee (Coming Soon!)
Shorts: TapouT Black and Blue Board Shorts

Rampage Jackson
Shirt: MMA Elite Rampage Shirt
Shorts: Cage Fighter Black/Camo Fight Shorts

UFC Undisputed 2009 Stevenson vs Sanchez

Here is the newest preview for UFC Undisputed 2009 video game featuring sponsored fighter Joe “Daddy” Stevenson! We all wish Joe the best of luck in his fight tomorrow against Deigo Sanchez at UFC 95.

WEC 38: Varner Cerrone – What Are You Wearing?

Jose Aldo
Warrior Intl. Mammoth T-Shirt (Coming Soon!)
Warrior Intl. Domination Fight Shorts Purple/Black

Rolando Perez
Triumph United Icon Longsleeve
Clinch Gear Shorts

Mike Campbell
TapouT Comic Book T-Shirt
TapouT Red Long Shorts
TapouT Big Time Hat

Danillo Villefort
Hitman Fight Gear T-Shirt
HItman Fight Gear All-Star MVP Hat (black)
HItman Fight Gear All-Star Fight Shorts (black)

Scott Jorgensen
Clinch Gear Shorts

Frank Gomez
Tapout Skull Toga Board Shorts (black)

Urijah Faber
No Fear Orange Brawl T- Shirt
No Fear Fight Shorts

Jens Pulver
Tapout Eagle Eye T-Shirt
TapouT Full Caged Hat

Jamie Varner
MTX Audio Hoodie
MTX Audio Shorts
Hitman Fight Gear All-Star MVP Hat

Donald Cerrone
TapouT Fifth Element T-shirt
Tapout White Board Shorts
Tapout Cowboy Hat Fighter Sponsorship 2008

It has been a great and quick year here at and we would just like to wish everyone a great new year.

We would also like to thank the following fighters that we sponsored this year for all their hard work and for making the sport grow as much as it has this year.

Aaron Riley
Alvin Robinson
Andrew Gusmao
Ben Saunders
Carlos Condit
Cheick Kongo
Corey Hill
Dan Miller
Demian Maia
Din Thomas
Duane Ludwig
Frank Mir
Frankie Egar
Jeff Curran
Jake Rosholt
James Giboo
Jason Day
Jim Miller
Jes Liaudin
Joe Lauzon
Jorge Rivera
Joe Stevenson
Kaitlin Young
Kevin Burns
Kurt Pellegrino
Mac Danzig
Marcus Davis
Marcus Hicks
Matt Arroyo
Matt Hamill
Matt Wiman
Michael Bisping
Miguel Torres
Nate Marquardt

Nate Diaz
Nate Loughran
Nate Quarry
Ricardo Almedia
Rich Clemente
Rousimar Palhares
Shane Roller
Tim Boetsch
Tim Sylvia
Tyson Griffin
Wanderlei Silva