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RVCA BJ Penn Hana Hou UFC 118 Walkout T-Shirt

RVCA BJ Penn UFC 118 Shirt

RVCA BJ Penn UFC 118 Shirt

Hana Hou is a Hawaiian saying meaning “Encore!” or “Do it again!” which fits in with BJ Penn’s immediate rematch with Frankie Edgar at UFC 118

Prints on the front, back, and sleeves
Available in S, M, L, XL, and XXL


One More Round Clothing New Line OMR is Here!

One More Round Clothing

UFC 92: The Ultimate – What Are You Wearing?

Here is the list of what all fighters wore to and in the octagon during UFC 91.

In order fights appeared on TV:

Mostapha Al-Turk
Warrior International Treedom T-Shirt
Warrior International Domination Shorts Black/Black

Cheick Kongo ( Sponsored Fighter)
Gamma-O Hat
Ryu T-Shirt
Warrior International Domination Shorts Red/White

Wanderlei Silva ( Sponsored Fighter)
Toe 2 Toe Hat
Toe 2 Toe Shirt
Toe 2 Toe Fight Shorts Black/White

Quinton “Rampage” Jackson
MMA Elite Rampage Shirt
Warrior International Domination Shorts Rampage Jackson Edition

Dan Everson
TapouT Longshorts Red

Patrick Barry
TapouT Comic Book T-Shirt
Tapout Longshorts Black
TapouT Big Time Hat

CB Dollaway
MTX Audio Hoodie
MTX Audio Fight Shorts

Mike Massenzio
Full Contact Fighter Shirt – Black
Full Contact Fighter Shorts Black

Reese Andy
Hitman Fight Shorts Black/Gray

Matt Hamill ( Sponsored Fighter)
Gamma-O Hat
Premier Fighter Performance Fight Shorts Black/White

Frank Mir ( Sponsored Fighter)
Full Tilt Hat
Ecko Pain and Punishment T-Shirt
Ecko Battle Crest Fight Shorts

Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira
TapouT Eagle Eye T-Shirt
Tapout Longshorts Red

Rashad Evans
Gamma-O Hat
Silver Star Rashad Evans T-Shirt
Black Sponsored Fight Shorts

Forrest Griffin
BSN Beanie
BSN Shirt
Sprawl Warm Up Pants
Sprawl Tan/Brown V-Flex Fight Shorts

Anthony Hardonk
OTM Shorts
OTM Shirt

Mike Wessel
Clinch Gear II Primo Limited Pewter Shorts

New MMA Clothing: Brock Lesnar’s Death Clutch

Death Clutch is now back in stock with 4 new t-shirt styles.

Death Clutch Skull and Swords T-Shirt

Death Clutch Skull and Swords T-Shirt

Death Clutch Demons T-Shirt

Death Clutch Demons T-Shirt

Death Clutch Signature Skull Head T-Shirt

Death Clutch Signature Skull Head T-Shirt

Death Clutch Skull Drip T-Shirt

Death Clutch Skull Drip T-Shirt

UFC 91: Couture Vs Lesnar – What Are You Wearing?

Here is the list of what all fighters wore to and in the octagon during UFC 91.

In order fights appeared on TV:

Demian Maia ( Sponsored Fighter)
Eternal Unlimited Mantra white
Eternal Shield 1 Hat
Warrior Domination blue/white

Nate Quarry
Sprawl Icon Hat
Black sponsorship hoodie
Sprawl black/white Gripflex Shorts

Gabriel Gonzaga
Tapout Hood Rat White
TapouT Black Delta Board Shorts

Josh Hendricks
Tapout All American T-Shirt
TapouT All American Long Shorts

Matt Brown
TapouT Black Delta Board Shorts

Ryan Thomas
TapouT White Delta Board Shorts

Tamdan McCorry
Kill It  Respect Your Freedom Shirt (Coming Soon!)
Kill It Script StretchFit Logo Hat
Sprawl White/Black Gripflex

Dustin Hazzlett
Ecko Shirt
Sprawl Gripflex Grey/Red Shorts
Tapout Big Time Hat

Rafael dos Anjos
Hitman Collage Shorts

Jeremy Stephens
Tapout Red Long Shorts
TapouT Believe This Black Shirt
TapouT Big Time Hat

Joe Stevenson ( Sponsored Fighter)
Warrior Blade Hoodie
Warrior Crusade Shirt Grey
Warrior Dark Forest Hat
Sprawl Gripflex White/Black Shorts

Kenny Florian
One More Round Bashido T-Shirt
One More Round Kamikaze Track Jacket
One More Round Luxury Hat
TapouT Royal Blue Board Shorts

Randy Couture
Everlast Randy “The Natural” Couture T-Shirt
Everlast Omnistrike Fight Trunks Black

Brock Lesnar
Death Clutch Triple Skull Shirt
Death Clutch Shorts

Jorge Gurgel
Black Fight Shorts

Aaron Riley ( Sponsored Fighter)
Tapout White Delta Board Shorts

Mark Bocek
Clinch Gear Primo Ruby Performance Board Shorts

Alvin Robinson
Warrior Domination Shorts blue/white

UFC 88 Breakthrough: What Are You Wearing? would first like to thank all the fighters we sponsored for this event including Tim Boetsch, Kurt Pellegrino, Nate Marquardt and Matt Hamill. While Tim, Kurt and Nate won with impressive performances, Matt fell a little short to a renewed Rich Franklin.

Dong Hyun Kim
Shirt: White w/ Sponsors
Shorts: White compression shorts

Mike Brown
Shirt: TapouT Graveyard (Walk out), TapouT Pure Poison (Interview)
Shorts: TapouT Black Blade
Jacket: TapouT Warm Up

Martin Kampmann
Shirt: Hitman
Shorts: Sprawl Green/Tan Gripflex
Hat: Hitman (red)

Nate Marquardt
Shirt: TapouT Darkside
Shorts: TapouT Delta Boardshorts (Black)
Hat: TapouT Rising Horns

Rousimar Palheres
Shirt: Warrior Forest
Shorts: Warrior Domination Red/Black

Dan Henderson
Shirt: Clinch Gear Dark Rider
Shorts: Clinch Gear Blue/Black/White
Hat: Clinch Gear Basic Embroidered

Michael Patt
Shirt: Warrior Rising Sun
Shorts: Warrior Domination Red/Black
Hat: Warrior Rogue

Tim Boetsch
Shirt: Warrior Matyrdom
Shorts: Sprawl Black/White Gripflex
Hat: Warrior Empire

Matt Hamill
Shirt: Premier FIghter Logo Longsleeve
Shorts: Premier Fighter Performance
Hat: American FIghter

Rich Franklin
Shirt: American Fighter Pink/Brown
Shorts: American Fighter Pink/Brown

Rashad Evans
Shirt: Bill Gates Mug Shot Photo
Shorts: Black w/ Sponsors
Hat: Progenex

Chuck Liddell
Shirt: Hostility Tribal (black)
Shorts: TapouT Iceman Shorts

UFC 84: What Are You Wearing?

We would like to welcome everyone to a new feature where we will recap all of the MMA clothing that fighters wore during their walkout and their fight.  We’ll cover the major events and only the fights that get shown on the telecast.  Please feel free to comment with any corrections or updates.

So let’s start with last night’s event, UFC 84: Ill Will.

Shane Carwin:
Shirt: Grudge Fightwear
Shorts: Grudge Fightwear

Christian Wellisch:
Shirt: Unknown
Shorts: Sprawl Gray/Red Gripflex

Jason Tan:
Shirt: Unknown
Shorts: Cage Fighter Gray Shorts

Dong Hyun Kim
Shirt: Unknown
Shorts: Unknown

Yoshiyuki Yoshida:
Shirt: Sprawl Graffiti
Shorts: Sprawl Urban Camo Gripflex

Jon Koppenhaver:
Shirt: War Machine (Black)
Shorts: Sprawl Red/Black Gripflex

Terry Etim:
Shirt: N/A
Shorts: Inter Muay Thai (White)

Rich Clementi:
Hat: Hostility White Panel
Shirt: Warrior Guard (Black)
Shorts: Warrior Red/Black Domination

Hat: TapouT New Era
Shirt: TapouT College Series USC T-Shirt
Shorts: Fairtex Muay Thai

Kazuhiro Nakamura:
Shirt: Unknown
Shorts: Unknown

Rousimar Palhares:
Shirt: Warrior Skully (Coming Soon)
Shorts: Sprawl White/Black Gripflex

Ivan Salaverry:
Shirt: Unknown
Shorts: Sprawl V-Flex Brown

Antonio Mendes:
Shirt – Sprawl Blast
Shorts – Sprawl White/Black Gripflex

Thiago Silva:
Shirt: Warrior Icon
Shorts: Warrior Domination Urban Camo

Tito Ortiz:
Hat: Punishment Athletics Flame Beanie (yellow)
Shirt: Punishment Athletics Tito Ortiz UFC 84 Walk Out (coming soon)
Shorts: UFC 84 Flamed Shorts

Lyoto Machida:
Gi: Bad Boy gi?
Shirt: Bad Boy Lyoto Machida Walk In T-Shirt
Shorts: Bad Boy Capo Black

Wilson Gouveia:
Shirt: TapouT College Series Texas T-Shirt
Shorts: TapouT Skull Toga (black)

Goran Reljic:
Hat: Premier Fighter Black on White PF Flexfit
Shirt: Premier Fighter Black with White Logo
Shorts: Premier Fighter Black and White Performance Shorts

Keith Jardine:
Shirt: Mean Signature T-Shirt
Shorts: TapouT Paratrooper

Wanderlei Silva:
Hat: TapouT Skull Toga
Shirt: Hitman (not yet released)
Shorts: Hitman (not yet released)

Sean Sherk:
Hoodie: Plain Black
Shorts:  Warrior Domination Sean Sherk Edition Silver/Black (coming soon)

BJ Penn:
Shirt: Custom Hilo / Team Hawaii T-Shirt
Shorts: RVCA BJ Penn Board Shorts