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UFC 97: Redemption Sponsorship Breakdown

UFC 97: Redemption from the Belle Centre in Montreal was a highly entertaining night of fights – and that’s just what we saw on TV!  As usual, we at are here to breakdown the shirts, shorts, and hats seen on the night’s combatants.

Fights listed in order of telecast.

Luiz Cane
Shirt: Tokyo Five Logo Shirt
Shorts:  Warrior International Domination Fight Shorts Purple/Black
Hat:  Tokyo Five Logo Hat

Steve Cantwell
Shirt:  Bad Boy Custom T-Shirt
Shorts:  Bad Boy World Class Pro Fight Shorts
Hat: Bad Boy Team Eyes FlexFit Hat

Antoni Hardonk
Shirt:  TapouT Machine T-Shirt
Shorts:  TapouT White Long Shorts
Hat:  TapouT Full Caged White Hat

Cheick Kongo
Shirt:  Xzavier Cheick Kongo T-shirt
Shorts:  Warrior International Domination Fight Shorts Red/Black
Hat: Gamma-O Hat

Brian Stann
Shirt:   Hostility Cursed T-Shirt
Shorts:  Warrior International Domination Fight Shorts Black/Black
Hat:  BSN Logo Beanie

Krzysztof Soszynski
Shirt:  Skin Industries Theft T-Shirt
Shorts:  Clinch Gear White with Red Shorts
Hat: Skin Industries Mason Hat

Mauricio Rua
Shirt:   Bad Boy Shogun 97 Walkout T-Shirt
Shorts:  Bad Boy Limited Edition Shogun Vale Tudo Shorts
Hat:  None

Chuck Liddell
Shirt:  TapouT Black Label Chuck Liddell Signature Series T-Shirt
Shorts:  TapouT Chuck Liddell Signature Shorts
Hat: None


Matt Wiman
Shirt:  Dethrone Crow T-Shirt
Shorts:  SPRAWL GripFlex XT Fight Shorts – Competition Black
Hat:  None

Sam Stout
Shirt:  Fight Mafia Red T-Shirt
Shorts:  Warrior International Domination Fight Shorts Black/White
Hat: Gamma-O Logo Hat


Thales Leites
Shirt: Kimurawear UFC 97 Walkout T-Shirt
Shorts:   Kimurawear White and Blue Fight Shorts
Hat: Unknown

Anderson Silva
Shirt: Silver Star Anderson “Spider” Silva UFC 97 Walkout Tee
Shorts:  Custom Black and Yellow Vale Tudo Shorts
Hat: Unknown


Cobian Jiu Jitsu Sandal Available Now!

We got Fight Socks!

Brand new to MMA Fight Socks by 4Q2. The 4Q2 Fightsock has been designed to fill the need for mixed martial arts performance footwear. When used as committed gym footwear, the 4Q2 Fightsock will help increase traction, minimize slip, and reduce the chance of getting Athlete’s Foot.

We’re digging the new TapouT tees!

Sacrifice, War Toys, Art Of War

Sacrifice, War Toys, Art Of War

TapouT just released three new jumbo print style tees that each represent different eras of combat which aptly fits their new tagline, “An Expression of Combat Known Worldwide”:
Sacrifice, which features an armored knight (complete with gas mask filters in true TapouT style) with crossed arms and sheathed daggers.  Also features a nice hip print on the back with a crowned TapouT logo.  The shirt looks really sharp and the artwork and coloring is very well done.
War Toys, which is just a beast of a shirt.  If you are a American patriot, veteran, or just like big machines that blows stuff up, this is one is for you.  Somehow they managed to fit fighter jets, helicopters, a gigantic aircraft carrier, and two tanks all on the same shirt, way to go!  Loved this one from the moment we saw it.
Art Of War, which harkens back to one of the original warriors in combat, the samurai.  Great color choices and design with a samurai helmet and swords on the front and some Kunai throwing swords with TapouT logo on the upper back.  Our man Stephan Bonnar wore this one at UFC 94 and it looked great.

Limited Edition Ecko Unltd. MMA apparel available at!

Ecko Unltd. Ashes To Ashes Tee

We just received a shipment of the latest Ecko Unltd. MMA apparel in limited quantities. We are the only MMA retailer that you will find these at and many of the items aren’t available anywhere online but here! Since this is only the 2nd line of MMA apparel from the company, the “Rhino” is still making its’ initial tracks. If you are looking for some MMA clothing that none of your buddies have, take a look! There are some really hot designs that we know will go quick.

UFC 85: Bedlam – What Are You Wearing?

Brandon Vera
Shirt: Cage Fighter Custom Blast Tee
Shorts: Cage Fighter Custom Shorts

Fabricio Werdum
Shirt: UFC 85 Custom Walk Out Tee
Shorts: UFC 85 Custom Walk Out Shorts
Hoodie: Werdum Boxing

Thales Leites
Shirt: MTX MMA Tribal Tee
Shorts: Sprawl Gripflex White/Black/Silver (Unreleased)
Beanie: Sprawl Reversable (Black)

Nate Marquardt (Sponsored by
Shirt: Tapout Red Foil
Shorts: Tapout Shield 4 Way Boardshorts (black)
Hat: Tapout Toga

Jason Lambert
Shirt: Not shown on TV
Shorts: Cage Fighter Gray/Red

Luiz Cane
Shirt: N/A
Shorts: White/Blue shorts (brand N/A)

Marcus Davis (Sponsored by
Shirt: Cage Fighter Custom Blast Tee
Shorts: Cage Fighter Irish Shorts (not yet released)
Hat: Cage Fighter Bang

Mike Swick
Shirt: Cage Fighter Custom Blast Tee
Shorts: Sprawl Gripflex White/Black/Silver (Unreleased)
Hat: Pain Inc.

Jason Day (Sponsored by
Shirt: Hardcor Tee
Shorts: Tapout Long Shorts White w/ Red Trim
Hat: Stagr (not yet released)

Michael Bisping (Sponsored by
Shirt: Hostility Basic Red Tee
Shorts: Tapout Toga Boardshorts Red
Hat: Tapout Darkest Days

Thiago Alves
Shirt: Tapout Miami Tee (Coming Soon!)
Shorts: Tapout Boardshots White

Matt Hughes
Shirt: One More Round Matt Hughes Walk Out
Shorts: One More Round
Hoodie: One More Round Army of One – Matt Hughes Sweatshirt
Hat: Nutritox

EliteXC 5/31 Saturday Night Fights – What Are You Wearing?

Check back tomorrow for coverage of WEC 34!

Brett Rogers
Shirt: Big Black Security Standard B-Shirt in Red
Shorts: Black Hitman Fight Shorts (still unreleased)

Jon Murphy
Shirt: Pimpit Fight Team
Hat:  Throwdown Louis Vuitton style (might’ve been custom) 
Shorts: Camo Shorts, undetermined

Joey Villasenor
Shirt: TapouT Strapped in Black
Shorts: TapouT Locos Mexican Flag Long Shorts

Phil Baroni
Shirt: Flashy Fighters Robe, then Hostility Basic
Shorts: SPRAWL GripFlex XT in Red/Black

Kaitlin Young
Shirt: Premier Fighter Red & White Fight Shirt
Sports Bra:! 🙂
Shorts: Premier Fighter Black Performance Shorts

Gina Carano
Shirt: Command and Conquer 3: Red Alert 🙂
Shorts: TapouT Black and White Board Shorts

Scott Smith
Shirt: Xtreme Couture new shirt?
Shorts: Baby blue board shorts (undetermined)

Robbie Lawler
Shirt: Some Dragon Shirt?  Can someone help on this one?
Shorts: Ecko Fight Shorts

James Thompson
Shirt: TapouT Death Eagle
Shorts: Tapout Skull Toga in Black

Kimbo Slice
Shirt: Custom Sponsor shirt, including Triumph United
Shorts:  Triumph United Iceberg Shorts