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UFC 97 Brings Many New Shirts To MMAWarehouse.com

With UFC 97 just a few days away there is no better time to stock up on the brand new fighter tees being released including 2 new Anderson Silva Tee’s, Bad Boy Shogun Walk-Out Tee and a brand new¬† Sinister Chuck Liddell Shirt!

Bad Boy Shogun Walk Out UFC 97 Tee (front)

Bad Boy Shogun Walk Out UFC 97 Tee (front)


Chuck Liddell UFC 79 Walk Out Shirt


It’s 2008 and The Iceman is back! If you haven’t already, make sure to find some Chuck Liddell MMA Clothing to rock this year. We have his walkout shirt from UFC 79: Nemesis on Pre-Sale as well as many more from the Familia Gladiatoria, Cage Fighter, and MMA Authentics lines. All three are produced by MMA Authentics – a fine group of folks from the midwest (Ohio) who are set to take the MMA world by storm this year.

Their mission is to create authentic, high quality products for the top mixed martial artists in the world and so far, they are doing just that by partnering with some of the top ranked athletes. Additionally, their management brings experience selling licensed product for the NFL, MLB, NBA, NCAA, NASCAR, NHL and more – so you know they are producing a quality product! We’re excited to be working with the MMA Authentics team this year and invite you to check them out; you won’t be disappointed!